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Post by JB on Sat Jun 28, 2008 8:17 am

The trip to California was very nice. The weather was perfect! The temperature was in the mid to upper 60's during the day and in the 50's at night....perfect sleeping weather! The only 2 hot days were the days we spent in Sonoma and Alexander valley touring the vineyards. I was really surprised at how arid the wine country is. I was also surprised at seeing wild hogs on 2 separate occasions so I'm guessing that Northern California has a very good population of wild hogs and the hunting must be pretty good! We spent the first couple of days in San Francisco then went down along Highway 1 to Monterey and Big Sur for 3 days. Back up HWY 1 to the Salsalido Bay area where we stayed with friends and toured the wine country in Sonoma and Alexander Valleys. I didn't wear a watch during the whole trip. Walks along the coast, drinks at trendy Martini Bars, eating at cliffside restaurants, indulging along the boardwalks, acting sophisticated at famous wineries, and enjoying the company of friends.

Here are just a few shots taken...mostly of the landscape. By the way, Monique discovered how windy and slippery the rugged coastal cliffs are!!
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