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Post by BigHorn WBY on Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:31 pm

Through some prodding and arm twisting I have jumped in to the traditinal archery arena. It has always been there as I enjoy those wonderful hand built custom long bows and recurves. Just wonderful. Having a friend who is a fanatic doesn't help any. The final straw was a few weeks back when Pat and I where pursuing turkeys and while I of course was encoumbered with a very fine Beretta Mdl. 410E 12 ga double, Pat carried a favored Long bow. One area we hunted was archery only so when reading for the field I exchanged said Beretta for a equally fine and nearly as old XI compound. By the end of our glorious but fruitless hike I was dragging. A few miles carring a bow that weighs more than the .300wby I normally hunt with is a no good. One snide comment led to another and Pat mentions that he knows of a nice long bow for sale. In my weakened mental state I take the bait. Fast forward to present day and I find myself emersed in the realm of trad. archery. I now have 2 long bows a TD and a one piece. Thru the wonders of the internet I have located and purchased 2 used but as new bows for less than the bowyer produces 1 for. They are both Pronghorns built here in my fine home state of Wyoming by Herb Meland. Just glorious.

To live out my remaining days as thou on Campaign. Trusted Guns, fine rifle, sturdy fly rod and hardy women

F.E, Thomas 4wt
Kimber Caprivi
............and these three above all others shall accompany near and far.....................
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