Dynamics of Double Guns

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Dynamics of Double Guns Empty Dynamics of Double Guns

Post by JB on Thu Apr 24, 2008 7:14 am

For those who are interested in how doubles guns work and why they were designed the way they are, I would suggest buying the book, "The Double Shotgun" by author Don Zutz. It completely explains all aspects of side-by-sides and over unders that most people would simply glance over while handling one of these guns. After reading the book, you will have a different level of appreciation for the technical engineering involved in what appears to be the simplest of all gun designs.

Ever wonder why the angle where the action flats meet the action face is radiused and not set at a 90 degree angle?? Ever wonder why the crossbolt in a Greener crossbolt is set at a very slight angle and not horizontal? Exactly what is the purpose of bolstering the action in side-by-sides?

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